Medium Business (Up to 100 Workstations)

Imagine securing your IT infrastructure, managing your security, and still having time for lunch. Imagine no longer. Security Suite for Business-an unbeatable combination of proactive management and proactive security that is amazingly easy to deploy and manage.

Why is Security Suite for Business right for YOUR organization?

  • It's easy to install!
  • It's affordable!
  • It's preconfigured & customizable!

When creating Security Suite for Business, no detail was left out. It boasts new levels of:


  • Response scenarios
  • New Station Automatic Detection & Deployment
  • WMI Script Support

Enterprise-Wide Network Visibility

  • Centralized Security Dashboard
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Network Auditing


  • Granular Control - Policy Management
  • Offline Policies
  • Integration with Active Directory






Security & Management






Mail Server Security






Gateway Security







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Recent News

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The enemy is changing... so should you.

"The quantity of malware found is growing rapidly (graph has a logarithmic scale)." According to AV-Test's Andreas Marx "Since 2004, the level of growth has gone through the roof"


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